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My Favorite Products

Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wine

I am SOOOO excited to have found a company that cares about its products as much as Young Living does! I invite you to try this and see the difference! This company is on a mission to disrupt the wine industry so they can do better for you and better for our planet. Going beyond organic, Clean-Crafted™ wine is always free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners. They partner with growers and family-owned farms to create delicious wine that's better on the vine, in the bottle, and in your glass.

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Aroma Freedom Technique Oils

This DIY blend combines Stress Away, Lavender, and Frankincense (all three of these oils come in a Premium Starter Kit).

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This oil is what started my journey to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. I HAD to understand HOW this oil blend was able to balance my emotions so quickly, effectively, and gently. This oil is also in the Premium Starter Kit. I am so stoked that people who choose to get started with Young Living get a chance to experience this oil from the beginning.

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Ningxia Red

A whole body nutritional drink. My whole family loves this drink. You only need 1-2 ounces a day to support every system in your body! Easy, effortless, and delicious! We have a Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit that is an exceptional value and way to start your wellness journey with Young Living.

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Feelings Kit

This is a special kit you can order that includes 7 oils that were created to be applied directly to the chakras on the body. Each oil blend was intentionally created for the purpose of facilitating emotional balance. Just listen to the names of these blends: Harmony, Hope, Present Time, Forgiveness, Inner Child, and Valor. If you choose to purchase this kit for yourself please send me a message at [email protected] to receive guidance that will walk you through the best places to apply these oils.

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Thieves Product Line

As a military wife and mother of 4 children, Thieves is an integral part of our daily lives. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate having ONE bottle that cleans my ENTIRE home. No more throwing away and replacing toxic cleaners with each move - and to have a cleaner that is safe and will not impact my children's hormone development or respiratory systems negatively is a game changer. Thieves is actually how I got started with essential oils. I needed a safe way to boost my twins immune system (since they share everything - including germs!). I also love that you get a sampling of the variety of our Thieves products right away when you start your wellness journey with Young Living - but if you are ready to really do a clean sweep in your home you can choose to get the Thieves Premium Starter Kit which will help you transform your kitchen, bathrooms, family room, bedrooms, as well as immune support on the GO! You will fall in love as soon as you experience these products for yourself.

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Healy Frequency Device

A Quick Description - This high quality medical device works on the quantum energy level. It sends microcurrent frequencies to the body which has an effect on the body’s cellular, emotional, and energetic levels to activate self healing and bring you back into bioenergetic balance. You can wear this easily or send healing energy to others. This device is a perfect complement to high vibration living!

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Richway Biomat

These devices are incredible. FDA Certified as a medical device BioMat uses a combination of far infrared light, negative ions, crystal therapy, heat, vibrational frequencies, and Bioclay to benefit the body in a safe and effective way.

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